Margi Marley

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Selective breeding of mice for differences in response to a drug offers a powerful means for testing hypotheses regarding underlying mechanisms and relationships between drug-induced behaviors. Starting from a heterogeneous stock of mice, we have selectively bred lines of mice for extreme differences in their locomotor response to 10 mg/kg cocaine HCl.(More)
Purpose and Scope This document has been developed to clarify and document the science requirements of the Pupil‐mapping Exoplanetary Coronagraphic Observer (PECO) mission. The PECO science team has been involved in its creation, and this document represents their consensus. This document has been written to guide the technical development of the PECO(More)
H Ho os sp pi it ta al li iz za at ti io on n o of f A Ad do ol le es sc ce en nt ts s i in n t th he e K Ka an ns sa as s M Me en nt ta al l H ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors would like to first thank families for sharing their experiences with us. We would also like to thank the State Hospitals for their gracious assistance. The purpose of the current study(More)
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