Marghny Mohamed

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The least significant bit (LSB) embedding method is one of the most commonly used techniques; it targets the LSB's of the host image to hide the data. This paper deals with three main steganography challenges (i.e. capacity, imperceptibility, and security). This is achieved by hybrid data hiding scheme incorporates LSB technique with a key-permutation(More)
This paper proposes a method for image steganography. According to Human Visual System, any variation in the edges shown in the images has a low probability of being perceived by the human eyes, thus data can be hidden in the pixel of the cover image. These edges can be detected by using sophisticated operators like Canny edge detection operator. The(More)
The artificial neural networks (ANNs), among different soft computing methodologies are widely used to meet the challenges thrown by the main objectives of data mining classification techniques, due to their robust, powerful, distributed, fault tolerant computing and capability to learn in a data-rich environment. ANNs has been used in several fields,(More)
Data security is one of major challenges in the recent literature. Cryptography is the most common phenomena used to secure data. One main aspect in cryptography is creating a hard to guess cipher. Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) is one of the machine learning techniques widely employed in several fields based on its characters, depending on the(More)
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