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Neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease (AD), Parkinson's disease (PD) and frontotemporal dementias (FTD), are considered distinct entities, however, there is increasing evidence of an overlap from the clinical, pathological and genetic points of view. All neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by neuronal loss and death in specific(More)
The aim of this investigation was to assess the potentially different effects of impaired proprioceptive input in balance control under static and dynamic conditions in neuropathic patients. We recruited 20 normal subjects and 27 patients affected by neuropathies known to affect to a different extent large and medium size afferent fibres. The patients(More)
In patients with spastic hemiparesis, centre of foot pressure (CoP) is shifted toward the unaffected limb during quiet stance. We hypothesised that abnormal gait features would correlate with the degree of asymmetry during stance. In 15 patients and 17 normals we recorded CoP and body sway by a force platform and measured spatial-temporal variables of gait(More)
In recent years there has been a large scientific and public debate on climate change and its direct as well as indirect effects on human health. In particular, a large amount of research on the effects of climate changes on human health has addressed two fundamental questions. First, can historical data be of some help in revealing how short-run or(More)
OBJECTIVE During the administration of timed bilateral alternate vibration to homonymous leg or trunk muscles during quiet upright stance, Parkinsonian (PD) patients undergo cyclic antero-posterior and medio-lateral transfers of the centre of foot pressure. This event might be potentially exploited for improving gait in these patients. Here, we tested this(More)
The dystrobrevins (alpha and beta) are components of the dystrophin-associated protein complex (DPC), which links the cytoskeleton to the extracellular matrix and serves as a scaffold for signaling proteins. The precise functions of the beta-dystrobrevin isoform, which is expressed in nonmuscle tissues, have not yet been determined. To gain further insights(More)
OBJECTIVE We studied balance control in patients with cervical spondylosis, on the hypothesis that ataxia and changes in postural responses occur concurrently as a consequence of structural problems in the cervical cord. SUBJECTS AND PATIENTS Seventeen patients and 17 healthy subjects were recruited. Based on magnetic resonance imaging, the patients were(More)
In mammals, the biological activity of the stem/progenitor compartment sustains production of mature gametes through spermatogenesis. Spermatogonial stem cells and their progeny belong to the class of undifferentiated spermatogonia, a germ cell population found on the basal membrane of the seminiferous tubules. A large body of evidence has demonstrated that(More)
Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 regulatory subunit 1 (CDK5R1) encodes p35, the main activatory subunit of cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (CDK5). The p35/CDK5 active complex plays a fundamental role in brain development and functioning, but its deregulated activity has also been implicated in various neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease (AD).(More)