Margery A Lockard

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Achieving satisfactory, long-term functional outcomes after total wrist arthroplasty surgery has proved more complicated than with arthroplasties in joints such as the hip or knee. However, improvements in implant design and surgical technique have resulted in recent successes and evidence that wrist arthroplasty may be an appropriate choice to improve(More)
This review article describes shoe inserts and provides information to assist physical therapists to identify patients who may benefit from foot orthoses. The article discusses goals for and types of shoe inserts, in addition to the materials and methods that can be used in fabricating appliances. Clinical considerations for the use of shoe inserts and(More)
BACKGROUND Stiffness is a common complaint in individuals with knee osteoarthritis and is a component of the osteoarthritis diagnosis. Yet the relationship between stiffness and function is poorly understood and methods to quantify stiffness are limited. METHODS Using a cross-sectional observational design with 66 subjects with knee osteoarthritis,(More)
Increased joint stress and malalignment are etiologic factors in osteoarthritis. Static tibiofemoral frontal plane malalignment is associated with patellofemoral osteoarthritis (PFOA). Patellofemoral joint stress is increased by activities such as sit-to-stand (STS); this stress may be even greater if dynamic frontal plane tibiofemoral malalignment occurs.(More)
BACKGROUND Patellofemoral osteoarthritis (PFOA) is associated with pain and decreased self-reported function. The impact of PFOA on actual physical performance is currently unknown. OBJECTIVE To investigate the impact of PFOA on physical performance and pain. METHODS Eight participants aged 40-65 years with bilateral, symptomatic, radiographic PFOA and(More)
This paper describes the biomechanics of the articulations of the elbow joint that is relevant to therapists who design rehabilitation programs for patients following injuries or surgeries to the elbow. Individual and combined joint movements required for function such as activities of daily living are discussed, including normal arthrokinematics and the(More)
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