Margeret J Wright

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Recently developed technologies enabling the production of a reproducible, purified enzyme blend for optimal human pancreatic islet isolation has renewed interest in clinical islet transplantation. The canine model has been an ideal preclinical model for the development of islet transplantation protocols. As seen in other species, the application of crude(More)
Human longevity and personality traits are both heritable and are consistently linked at the phenotypic level. We test the hypothesis that candidate genes influencing longevity in lower organisms are associated with variance in the five major dimensions of human personality (measured by the NEO-FFI and IPIP inventories) plus related mood states of anxiety(More)
An automated image analysis routine was developed for the quantitative assessment of isolated pancreatic islets. This approach offers the advantages of standardization, increased precision of EIN determinations, batch analysis without user interaction, and the ability to customize the analysis for specialized requirements. Finally, images may be archived(More)
OBJECTIVES A collagen degradation activity (CDA) assay was developed to improve the biochemical characterization of purified collagenase used for islet isolation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Purified class I collagenase (CI) or class II collagenase (CII) from Clostridium histolyticum cultures were used in all experiments. The CDA assay was performed by(More)
This paper attempts to show that psychiatric diagnosis depends to a significant degree on not only the patient's presenting symptoms but also on the psychiatrist's psychosocial biases. The importance of a psychiatric diagnosis is seen in terms of the potential social restrictions and prejudices that can be a consequence of a person labeled with a mental(More)