Margarita V. Korovina

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It is well known that in an o-minimal hybrid system the continuous and discrete components can be separated, and therefore the problem of finite bisimulation reduces to the same problem for a transition system associated with a continuous dynamical system. It was recently proved by several authors that under certain natural assumptions such finite(More)
In this paper we study Pfaffian hybrid systems which were first introduced in [9]. Pfaffian hybrid systems are a sub-class of o-minimal hybrid systems which capture rich continuous dynamics and yet can be studied using finite bisimulations. The existence of finite bisimulations for ominimal hybrid systems has been shown by several authors (see e.g. [2, 3,(More)
In this paper we study different approaches to computability over effectively enumerable topological spaces. We introduce and investigate the notions of computable function, strongly-computable function and weaklycomputable function. Under natural assumptions on effectively enumerable topological spaces the notions of computability and weakly-computability(More)
We consider the solution of initial value problems within the context of hybrid systems and emphasise the use of high precision approximations (in software for exact real arithmetic). We propose a novel algorithm for the computation of trajectories up to the area where discontinuous jumps appear, applicable for holomorphic flow functions. Examples with a(More)