Margarita Salazar-Flores

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BACKGROUND Approximately half of the world's population, and up to 90% of households in rural areas of developing countries, depend on biomass for cooking and heating. SETTING The National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, México City. OBJECTIVE To describe wood smoke-associated lung disease (WSLD). DESIGN Description of the clinical, functional and(More)
Super-infection of an exogenous lipoid pneumonia by nontuberculous mycobacteria has been described in the literature. It produces a distinctive histologic picture with suppurative, noncaseating granulomas surrounding lipid vacuoles containing acid-fast bacilli. Mainly isolated cases have been found, but seldom in children. We describe a series of 9 children(More)
In order to evaluate the synergistic effect of habitual smoking and air pollution in Mexico City on the retention of inorganic fibers, ferruginous bodies (FB) were quantified as markers of exposure to inorganic fibers in lung digests from 426 autopsy cases. FB were isolated from 426 lung digests from cases with several lung diseases. The results revealed(More)
Smith and Naylor's technique has been successfully used by many authors around the world to recover inorganic particles from the lungs. In this short report we compare the results of counting inorganic particles recovered from human lung tissue by two different methods: Smith and Naylor's technique and a modification to it. We used ferruginous bodies (FB)(More)