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ProtozoaDB (http://www.biowebdb.org/protozoadb) is being developed to initially host both genomics and post-genomics data from Plasmodium falciparum, Entamoeba histolytica, Trypanosoma brucei, T. cruzi and Leishmania major, but will hopefully host other protozoan species as more genomes are sequenced. It is based on the Genomics Unified Schema and offers a(More)
The continuous growth of contents in text and other media on the Web and intranets demands a parallel progress of information access technologies. This projects aims at a) the development of a novel semantic search model, with ontology-based content ranking algorithms, improving and complementing the achievements in this direction in the Semantic Web field,(More)
Trichinellosis is a zoonotic disease caused by nematodes of the genus Trichinella. Humans, who are the final hosts, acquire the infection by eating raw or undercooked meat of different animal origin. Trichinella spiralis is an encapsulated species that infects mammals and is widely distributed in different continents. In Argentina, this parasite has been(More)
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