Margarita Plaza

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Resumen Abstract During the 20th century there was an increasing interest on the human ontogeny, especially on the brain functioning. After the physiological research on animal models the primitive reflexes observed were interpreted on the origin of behavior, considering segregation of particular reflexes from global patterns or summation of individual(More)
Integrated Pest Management of insects includes several control tactics, such as the use of photoselective nets, which may reduce the flight activity of insects. Limiting the dispersal of pests such as aphids and whiteflies is important because of their major role as vectors of plant viruses, while a minor impact on natural enemies is desired. In this study,(More)
INTRODUCTION AND CLINICAL CASE We present the case of a ten day old boy with cervicodorsal intramedullary lipoma. The initial clinical presentation was of rapidly progressing unilateral brachial paralysis. Neurological examination at birth was completely normal apart from a cutaneous port wine stain on the shoulder homolateral to the paralysis thought to be(More)
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