Margarita López-Martínez

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Hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry was used to determine selenium content in cereals, legumes and dry fruits from the coast of the province of Granada (southeastern Spain). Accuracy(More)
Serum concentrations were measured in individuals (n = 50) with liver diseases (cirrhosis and hepatitis) by hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry in a cross-sectional study. Mean serum(More)
A 6-mo longitudinal study of 48 hemodialysis patients (HPs) with chronic renal failure was performed. Three blood samplings were done. Samples of whole blood from each patient were collected during(More)
The copper content of 225 food, 49 beverage and twelve potable water samples were determined using atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS). Analyses of NIST and BCR reference materials demonstrated the(More)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) represents one of the most important health issues in the western world. The ongoing care that the AD patient requires typically causes high stress levels, fatigue,(More)