Margarita Kurek

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Combined treatment by continuous intravenous infusion of a selected antibiotic and heparin and/or streptokinase was elaborated as a method of causal, systemic treatment of bacterial osteomyelitis. The aim of the combined treatment was to overcome infection and disturbances in the coagulation and fibrinolysis system which lead to impairment of the bone blood(More)
A series of phenylaminopyrimidines has been identified as inhibitors of Janus kinases (JAKs). Development of this initial series led to the potent JAK2/JAK1 inhibitor CYT387 (N-(cyanomethyl)-4-[2-[[4-(4-morpholinyl)phenyl]amino]-4-pyrimidinyl]-benzamide). Details of synthesis and SAR studies of these compounds are reported.
A total of 174 sera from healthy Polish individuals of different age groups were tested for TSST-1 antibody by the micro-ELISA method. Over 90% of sera contained the antibody with titres equal to above 1:10(2), even in children and adolescents. The data suggest that the majority of the Polish population acquires TSST-1-antibody during early childhood,(More)
Skin tests with opioid peptides naturally occurring in cow's milk: beta-casomorphin-7 and alpha-casein (90-95), were performed in 25 healthy children. Wheal and flare reactions, similiar to histamine and codeine were observed in all children. The area of these reactions was concentration dependent. Pretreatment with H1 antagonist--cetirizine significantly(More)
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