Margarita Giménez

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Previous studies have shown that the intestinal excretion of potassium increases in patients with renal failure and serves to guard against severe potassium retention. It is not known, however, whether the rise in intestinal potassium excretion occurs because of an increase in intestinal potassium secretion or a reduction in potassium absorption. Therefore,(More)
PURPOSE To create a maximum tolerated 45-minute aerobic training program for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and to compare its outcomes with those of commonly prescribed moderate exercise. DESIGN Prospective, randomized trial. SETTING A work physiology laboratory. PATIENTS AND METHODS The maximum exercise intensities that 7(More)
A new 45 min Square-Wave Endurance Exercise Test (SWEET) performed on a cycle ergometer and designed for endurance training was studied in 43 normal subjects: Untrained (U), twelve women and seven men and Trained (T), eight women and 16 men. Among them seven were elite sportsmen (E). Preliminary measurements were made of VO2 max by constant power and(More)
The effect of training on VO2 max, endurance capacity (EC) and ventilation during maximal exercise (VE max) were studied in 17 normal subjects aged 21--51 years. At the beginning of the study 11 of the subjects (eight women and three men) were untrained (U) and six others (three women and three men) trained regulatory (T). A maximal intensity exercise (on a(More)
Conflicting data have been reported on "sports anaemia" and anaemia during physical training. Most of these results are of studies at rest before or after training. The aim of this investigation was to further study the profiles of serum iron (Se Fe) and transferrin (Se Tr), in 14 physically trained men (28 +/- 6 years) during an exhaustive interval(More)
In order to obtain information about physiological and homeostasic responses at the maximal Intensity of Endurance of the 45 min "Square-Wave Endurance Exercise Test" (MIE45), three arterial blood samples were taken: (a) at rest; (b) at the 45th min of the SWEET; (c) after 15 min of recovery, to measure paO2, paCO2, [H+], [Hb], and [lactate] in 14 normal(More)
The purpose of the present study was to examine both the specific and the transfer effects of a Square Wave Endurance Exercise Test (SWEET) and to investigate the determining factors of transfer effect. A control group (CG, n = 5) and 2 experimental groups were studied. Experimental groups completed 3 days/week a 45 min SWEET over 6 weeks, either with the(More)
In assessing the effectiveness of lower-limb and upper-limb nonspecific physical training, we have considered 3 objectives in this study: (1) determination of clinical and functional actual state in patients with chronic airway obstruction (CAO), before and after training; (2) determination of the tests, level of work, and duration of the session training(More)
Despite the high prevalence of white coat hypertension (WCH) in diabetes mellitus and the evidence that hypertension is a clear risk factor for the development of microalbuminuria (MA) in these patients, there is no information on the long-term prognostic significance of this condition in the diabetic population. We studied the evolution of 40 patients with(More)
Myoglobin and mitochondrial protein contents were measured spectrophotometrically in the sternothyroid muscle of 8 dogs, first in Dnver, at a PB of 635 mm Hg, and after a 3-week exposure to a PB of 435 mm Hg, using a hypobaric chamber. The PaO2 at a PB of 635 mm Hg was 81.9 mm Hg and at a PB of 435 mm Hg, it was 54.6 mm Hg. Myoglobin concentration increased(More)