Margarita Cerón

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This study examined absorption properties of 2-styrylpyridine, trans-2-(m-cyanostyryl)pyridine, trans-2-[3-methyl-(m-cyanostyryl)]pyridine, and trans-4-(m-cyanostyryl)pyridine compounds based on theoretical UV/Vis spectra, with comparisons between time-dependent density functional theory (TD-DFT) using B3LYP, PBE0, and LC-ωPBE functionals. Basis sets(More)
We synthesized three novel highly fluorescent compounds, 2-(2'-pyridyl)-3-(N-ethyl-(3'-carbazolyl))acrylonitrile, 2-(3"-pyridyl)-3-(N-ethyl-(3'-carbazolyl))acrylonitrile, and 2-(4-pyridyl)-3-(N-ethyl-(3'-carbazolyl))acrylonitrile by Knoevenagel condensation. The first two were synthesized without solvent in the presence of piperidine as a catalyst; the(More)
We report single crystal X-ray diffraction (hereafter, SCXRD) analyses of derivatives featuring the electron-donor N-ethylcarbazole or the (4-diphenylamino)phenyl moieties associated with a -CN group attached to a double bond. The compounds are (2Z)-3-(4-(diphenylamino)-phenyl)-2-(pyridin-3-yl)prop-2-enenitrile (I),(More)
Reactions of OsO4 with HSR (R=C6F5, C6F4H-4,) in refluxing ethanol afford [Os(SC6F5)3(SC6F4(SC6F5)-2)] (1) and [Os(SC6F4H-4)3(SC6F3H-4-(SC6F4H-4)-2)] (2), which involve the rupture of C-F bonds. At room temperature, the compound [Os(SC6F5)3(PMe2Ph)2] or [Os(SC6F5)4(PMe2Ph)] reacts with KOH(aq) in acetone, giving rise to [(More)
A combined theoretical and experimental study on the structure, infrared, UV-Vis and 1H NMR data of trans-2-(m-cyanostyryl)pyridine, trans-2-[3-methyl-(m-cyanostyryl)]pyridine and trans-4-(m-cyanostyryl)pyridine is presented. The synthesis was carried out with an efficient Knoevenagel condensation using green chemistry conditions. Theoretical geometry(More)
The synthesis and characterization of the precursor isomers trans-4-(2-(pyridin-2-yl)vinylbenzaldehyde (I), trans-4-(2-(pyridin-4-yl)vinylbenzaldehyde (II), trans-4-(2-(pyridin-2-yl)vinylbenzoic acid (III) and (E)-4-(2-(pydridin-4-yl)vinylbenzoic acid (IV) are reported. These compounds were prepared in order to obtain(More)
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