Margarita Baquero

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Multimodal signals facilitate communication with conspecifics during courtship, but they can also alert eavesdropper predators. Hence, signallers face two pressures: enticing partners to mate and avoiding detection by enemies. Undefended organisms with limited escape abilities are expected to minimize predator recognition over mate attraction by limiting or(More)
Remote sensing of forest canopies is dominated by the interaction between tree trunks and ground at lower microwave frequencies and/or when the crown layer is tenuous. An ecient and complete electromagnetic scattering model for tree trunks above a tilted rough ground plane has been performed and enhanced. The individual trunks are modelled as nite-length(More)
— Precipitation is an important environmental parameter which affects the hydrology of the land surface, coastal processes, terrain stability, and climate and global heat circulation. Understanding rainfall distribution and intensity can improve protection of environmental and human resources, and knowledge of geophysical process of land, ocean and(More)
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