Margarita Alonso

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DiCE is an online dictionary of Spanish collocations, which provides semantic and combinatorial information on lexical units. It makes use of the typology of lexical functions (Mel’čuk et al. 1995), together with natural language glosses to describe the semantic content of collocates. We offer a general presentation of the content of the dictionary,(More)
OBJECTIVE We conducted a population-based pharmacokinetic study to assess blood levels and elimination of mercury after vaccination of premature infants born at > or =32 and <37 weeks of gestation and with birth weight > or =2000 but <3000 g. STUDY DESIGN Blood, stool, and urine samples were obtained before vaccination and 12 hours to 30 days after(More)
• The effects of clearcutting and of different slash management procedures on N mineralization were assessed in a Eucalyptus globulus Labill. stand in Galicia (N W Spain). Treatments were no clearcutting (control), clearcutting combined with scattering, scattering + fertilization, windrowing, and two types of slash burning with two levels of severity:(More)
Stems and crowns of young Eucalyptus globulus Labill. saplings were experimentally damaged by fire to assess the short-term effects on tree growth and selected physiological parameters (stem sap flow density, electrical resistance of stem cambium and leaf stomatal conductance). Four different treatments were considered: partial stem damage (42 % of the stem(More)
In the field of economics and business, the ever increasing amount of text documents written in different languages and the ever increasing dependence of people and organisations on such information require effective document retrieval, searching and classification mechanisms. Searching for groups of related documents has an important role in text mining(More)
Given that companies operate in an environment of continuous evolution it requires information systems to have greater adaptation, flexibility, scalability and reliability of incorporation of these changes. Cloud Computing can be regarded as a paradigm and key element of recent computing in business management solutions. A business solution arises in the(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Some anthropometric measurements show a greater capacity than others to identify the presence of cardiovascular risk factors. This study estimated the magnitude of the association of different anthropometric indicators of obesity with hypertension, dyslipidemia, and prediabetes (altered fasting plasma glucose and/or glycosylated(More)
In a cohort of women at high risk for developing breast cancer we have observed that 74% of the women with prolactin BA/RIA ratios over 1.4 had detectable levels of IL-2 in their serum (990 +/- 400 mU/ml) and the IL-2 levels were correlated with the prolactin BA/RIA ratio (R = 0.79; P greater than 0.004). Women with BA/RIA ratios were either approximately(More)