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Nurse rerostering arises when at least one nurse announces that she will be unable to undertake the tasks previously assigned to her. The problem amounts to building a new roster that satisfies the hard constraints already met by the current one and, as much as possible, fulfils two groups of soft constraints which define the two objectives to be attained.(More)
This study explores the application of neural network-based heuristics to the class/teacher timetabling problem (CTTP). The paper begins by presenting the basic CTTP characteristics in terms of hard and soft constraints and proposing a formulation for the energy function required to map the problem within the artificial neural network model. There follow(More)
The Bus Driver Rostering Problem (BRP) refers to the assignment of drivers to the daily crew duties that cover a set of schedules for buses of a company during a planning period of a given duration, e.g., a month. An assignment such as this, denoted by roster, must comply with legal and institutional rules, namely Labour Law, labour agreements and the(More)