Margarida Maria de Lima Pompeu

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The involvement of nitric oxide (NO) and the potential modulation of NO synthase (NOS) activity by platelet-activating factor were investigated in a rat model of cyclophosphamide-induced hemorrhagic(More)
The kala-azar control program, adopted by the Fundação Nacional de Saúde-FNS (National Health Foundation) has not been able to reduce to an acceptable level the incidence of human cases. The(More)
The initial encounter of Leishmania with its host's immune system is important in the outcome of infection. Previous studies have shown that PBMCs from healthy volunteers (HV) exposed to Leishmania(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effects of preconditioning with oils mixes containing ω3/ω6/ω9 associated with micro-currents on skin repair in rats. METHODS One-hundred and eight Wistar rats randomized(More)