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OBJECTIVE Considering the highest rate of morbidity and mortality in diamniotic monochorionic twins, the authors evaluated and compared the adverse obstetric and perinatal outcome in twin pregnancies according to chorionicity. PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective study was conducted in all twin deliveries that occurred in the Obstetric Unit of Maternidade(More)
UNLABELLED Obesity has a rising prevalence in children and adolescents, affecting 30% of the paediatric population in Portugal. Leptin is an important hormone involved in the pathogenesis of obesity and has been under investigation as a risk marker for future complications. AIMS 1. To evaluate the relation between serum leptin levels and body mass index(More)
INTRODUCTION Sarcoidosis is a systemic granulomatous disease. Renal involvement is a rare initial presentation of this disease. Few articles on renal involvement as an initial presentation of sarcoidosis have been published in the literature. CASE PRESENTATION A 26-year-old Caucasian woman presented with acute renal failure as an initial manifestation of(More)
Dysgenetic male pseudohermaphroditism is the result of a defect of testis development that encompasses a large clinical heterogeneity. It is characterized by bilateral dysgenetic testis, absence of mullerian regression, ambiguous genitalia and/or stigmata of Turner's syndrome in the majority of the cases. Typically, these individuals have either a 46,XY or(More)
Between January of 1987 and December of 2001 were born 1243 twins related to 609 multiple pregnancies, in Maternidade Bissaya-Barreto. Data were grouped in periods of three years and several parameters were studied. The rate of multiple gestation has increased probably due to the contribution of the assisted conception techniques, and to the increase of the(More)
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