Margarida Facão

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We investigate the scattering response of parity-time (PT) symmetric structures. We show that, due to the local flow of energy between gain and loss regions, such systems can deflect light in unusual ways, as a function of the gain/loss contrast. Such structures are highly anisotropic and their scattering patterns can drastically change as a function of the(More)
In recent years, optical fiber Raman amplifiers (FRA) have been widely investigated. FRAs use the transmission fiber itself as the gain medium, creating a lossless communication link and reducing the overall noise figure. The later and other promising characteristics put them among the most important technologies in lightwave systems. In Raman amplified(More)
In this paper, the optical power transfer promoted by long-period gratings (LPGs) inscribed in Multicore Fibers (MCFs) is studied. Simple analytical expressions that describe the mode power's evolution along the LPGs in a 1+n core fiber are derived from the coupled mode equations. The viability of using this technique to develop a device that distribute a(More)
In this work, the reflected light from the fuse effect propagation in a SMF fiber was characterized. Its spectrum was measured which revealed a higher background level than the one of reflected light from a broken fiber. Moreover, a simple method was proposed to remotely detect the fiber fuse propagation based on the monitoring of the spectrum for the back(More)
In this work we investigate the coating damages in optical fibers under the simultaneous effects of high optical power and tight bending. The power losses and coating heating imposed by the high power propagation have been measured for a SMF fiber. We have implemented a theoretical thermal model for the fiber bend and the minimum safety bend diameter has(More)
The propagation of bound soliton pairs in nonlinear photonic crystal fibers has recently been experimentally observed. The system may be modeled by a generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation (GNLSE) which includes higher intrapulse Raman Scattering, self-steepening and higher order dispersion. Here, we find multihumped pulses as result of an(More)