Margarida Facão

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The use of long-period gratings (LPGs) to distribute optical power from one core to all the cores in a multicore fiber (MCF) is theoretically analyzed. Simple analytical expressions that describe the mode power's evolution along the LPGs are derived from the coupled mode equations. This study demonstrated the power transfer between cores in a MCF promoted(More)
New types of finite energy Airy beams are proposed. We consider two different types of beams, namely, beams that are obtained as blocked and exponentially attenuated versions of Airy functions Ai and Bi, and beams of finite width but having the Airy functions typical phase. All of them show very interesting properties, such as parabolic trajectories for(More)
We investigate the effects of diffusion on the evolution of steady-state dark and gray spatial solitons in biased photorefractive media. Numerical integration of the nonlinear propagation equation shows that the soliton beams experience a modification of their initial trajectory, as well as a variation of their minimum intensity. This process is further(More)
Raman amplification will, in a closer future, penetrate into the access network, bringing new challenges and difficulties to be overcome. In this article, we present the performance assessment of Raman amplification solutions suitable for Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) access networks applications. For this purpose, a pumping scheme with(More)
Normal mode stability of both rectilinear and self-bending photorefractive screening solitons is considered. In each case, the Evans function procedure is used to investigate stability and to search for internal modes. For the rectilinear case, a standard Evans function procedure is applied. However, in the self-bending case the asymptotic form of the(More)
We report and analyze the halting of the fuse effect propagation in optical fiber microwires. The increase of the mode field diameter in the tapered region decreases the optical intensity resulting in the extinction of the fuse effect. This fiber element presents a low insertion loss and can be introduced in the optical network in order to protect the(More)
We investigate the scattering response of parity-time (PT) symmetric structures. We show that, due to the local flow of energy between gain and loss regions, such systems can deflect light in unusual ways, as a function of the gain/loss contrast. Such structures are highly anisotropic and their scattering patterns can drastically change as a function of the(More)
In recent years, optical fiber Raman amplifiers (FRA) have been widely investigated. FRAs use the transmission fiber itself as the gain medium, creating a lossless communication link and reducing the overall noise figure. The later and other promising characteristics put them among the most important technologies in lightwave systems. In Raman amplified(More)