Margarida Barata

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The occurrence of fungi in the Mira salt marsh, Portugal was investigated for 12 months. Baits of Spartina maritima stems were exposed to permanent or temporary submersion at the upper and lower limits of the intertidal zone. The baits were observed for fruit bodies and spores directly and after incubation in moist chambers. Twenty six marine species were(More)
This survey reports the occurrence, diversity and similarity of marine fungi associated with five categories of drift substrates (Arundo donax, Phragmites australis, Spartina maritima, "other stems" and driftwood) collected on four sandy beaches of the western coast of Portugal. "Other stems" and driftwood are composite samples with a variety of identified(More)
Fungal communities associated with early stages of decomposition of Spartina maritima (Curtis) Fernald were assessed in two geographically distinct salt marshes in Portugal by direct observation of fungal sporulating structures. Twenty-three fungal taxa were identified from 390 plant samples, 11 of which were common to both study sites. Natantispora(More)
The characteristics of tunable wavelength filters based on a-SiC:H multilayered stacked pin cells are studied both theoretically and experimentally. The optical transducers were produced by PECVD and tested for a proper fine tuning of the cyan and yellow fluorescent proteins emission. The active device consists of a p-i'(a-SiC:H)-n/p-i(a-Si:H)-n(More)
This study presents morphological and molecular evidence for the establishment of a new species of Lulworthia based on the evaluation of 11 isolates of Lulworthiales collected in two marinas on the west coast of Portugal initially classified as Lulworthia sp. Maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods were applied to obtain phylogenetic trees for 18S-28S and(More)
Characteristics of a tunable wavelength filter in a-SiC:H multilayered stacked p-i'i-n graded cells are studied both theoretically and experimentally. Three different architectures are tested for a proper fine tuning of the spectral sensitivity. The simplest configuration is a two terminal p-i-n photodiode where the active intrinsic layer is a double(More)
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