Margarida Anjos

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Ribosomes transit between two conformational states, non-rotated and rotated, through the elongation cycle. Here, we present evidence that an internal loop in the essential yeast ribosomal protein rpL10 is a central controller of this process. Mutations in this loop promote opposing effects on the natural equilibrium between these two extreme conformational(More)
In eukaryotic ribosome biogenesis, U3 snoRNA base pairs with the pre-rRNA to promote its processing. However, U3 must be removed to allow folding of the central pseudoknot, a key feature of the small subunit. Previously, we showed that the DEAH/RHA RNA helicase Dhr1 dislodges U3 from the pre-rRNA. DHR1 can be linked to UTP14, encoding an essential protein(More)
Volume 36, no. 6, p. 965–978, 2016, Page 969, Fig. 1B: The fourth image in the sixth row was inadvertently duplicated and presented as the fifth image in the sixth row, and the first image in the eighth row was inadvertently duplicated and presented as the second image in the ninth row. The corrected images for the(More)
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