Margareth R. C. Marques

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Berries are an important dietary source of fibres, vitamins, minerals and some biologically active non-nutrients. A red raspberry fruit extract was characterized in terms of phenolic content and the anti-inflammatory properties and protective effects were evaluated in two experimental models of inflammation. The antioxidant potential of the extract, the(More)
Gelatin capsules are a widely used dosage form both for pharmaceutical drug products as well as dietary supplements. Gelatin in the presence of certain compounds, mainly aldehydes, or in high humidity and high temperature conditions can cross-link. Cross-linking involves covalent bonding of the amine group of a lysine side chain of one gelatin molecule to a(More)
Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages throughout the world. So far, many studies have shown the properties of coffee beverages, but little is known about its impacts on human and environmental health from its discard in the environment. So, the present work aims to investigate the mutagenic, genotoxic, cytotoxic and ecotoxic effects of leached(More)
The rate skeletal disorder, acromesomelic dwarfism, is characterized by short stature and short limbs. Bone dysplasia is evident. We report two cases of a variation of this disorder in a Portuguese woman and her son. The clinical features of these two cases differ from those of cases previously reported in the literature.
Triclosan is a broad-spectrum biocide used in personal-care products that is suspected to be linked to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In the present work, the enzymes horseradish peroxidase and laccase from Trametes versicolor were evaluated for the conversion of triclosan in an aqueous matrix. The removal of antibacterial activity by the(More)
Antarctica moss Sanionia uncinata (Hedw.) Loeske is exposed in situ to damaging levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This moss has the ability to respond to UV radiation exposure producing secondary metabolites such as flavonoids, and has been recommended as a potential source of photoprotective compounds and antioxidants. The aim of the present paper was(More)
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