Margareth Borges Coutinho Gallo

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Siphoneugena Berg (Myrtaceae) é um pequeno gênero eugenióide segregado de Eugenia por Berg. A investigação fitoquímica de Siphoneugena densiflora foi realizada com o objetivo de se descobrir(More)
The effects of crude extracts, fractions and isolated compounds from Vitex polygama Cham. and Siphoneugena densiflora Berg were evaluated on the development of Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith, a(More)
Smallanthus sonchifolius is a traditional Andean plant which has been cultured mainly in Brazil, Japan and New Zealand due to its medicinal properties. A study of the endophytic fungi associated to(More)
Hexanic, methanolic, and hydroalcoholic extracts, and 34 isolated compounds from Vitex polygama Cham. (Lamiaceae, formely Verbenaceae) and Siphoneugena densiflora O. Berg (Myrtaceae) were screened(More)
20-Hydroxyecdysone (20E) is effective in stimulating protein synthesis, therefore, it has been largely used as anabolic agent in several commercial formulas. Phytochemical study of methanolic extract(More)
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