Margareth Ângelo

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This study focuses on the experience of families in the Kangaroo Mother Method (KM) and aims to understand the functioning of the family dynamics and to apprehend the family transformations as a result of their experience in the method. The study used Symbolic Interactionism as a theoretical and Grounded Theory as a methodological reference framework. Data(More)
This is an integrative review of Brazilian studies on evidence-based practices (EBP) in health, published in ISI/JCR journals in the last 10 years. The aim was to identify the specialty areas that most accomplished these studies, their foci and methodological approaches. Based on inclusion criteria, 144 studies were selected. The results indicate that most(More)
The purpose of this article is to describe nursing students clinical experience in the Maternal-Child and Psychiatric Nursing Department of the School of Nursing of the University of São Paulo (EEUSP). This activity has been implemented since 1996, not only to follow the demands of the Minimum Curriculum in Nursing, but also to give consistency to one of(More)
The aim of this study was evaluate the utilization of tools for pain perception assessment in 41 hospitalized pre-school children submitted to painful procedures: care of wounds or blood extraction. The utilized tools were the faces scale, behavioral indicators and words which describe the pain. Most of the pre-schoolers understood and correctly answered to(More)
The present study, which was conducted using the Interpretive Interactionism method, had the objective of understanding the experience of becoming a mother of a child with cancer. Seven mothers, whose children were undergoing cancer treatment, took part in semi-structured interviews. The results showed that mothers' role are built in a process that implies(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To identify the attributes of the concept 'clinical role of the nurse' in the literature. BACKGROUND The concept of nurses' clinical role is frequently mentioned in literature, but hardly explored in conceptual terms. This has implications for nursing practice and education. DESIGN Qualitative and descriptive study, which corresponds(More)
A family perspective has been influencing Brazilian nursing practice and research, in particular in the past decade. Despite this development, there is evidence from research and from nurses' narratives that nurses still experience serious challenges in providing nursing care to families in Brazil. These challenges are analyzed and strategies are offered to(More)
This research deals with the experience of women in climacterium. Symbolic interactionism and Grounded Theory were the theoretical and methodological framework of the study. Its objectives were to understand: how the experience of the climacterium is defined by the women; what were the psychosocial processes of interaction lived by the women; and to develop(More)
This study aims at learning about the beliefs, attitudes and social rules which determine the nurse's intention to allow the presence of parents in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. The content of semi-structured interviews conducted with 11 nurses was analyzed by using the Rationalized Action Theory as a theoretical framework. The thematic units enabled the(More)