Margarete Maria de Lima

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Paramagnetic centers in hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon, mc-Si:H have been studied using dark and light-induced electron-spin resonance ~ESR!. In dark ESR measurements only one center is observed. The g values obtained empirically from powder-pattern line-shape simulations are g i52.0096 and g'52.0031. We suggest that this center may be due to defects(More)
E. G. Gadret,1 G. O. Dias,1 L. C. O. Dacal,2,3 M. M. de Lima, Jr.,2 C. V. R. S. Ruffo,1 F. Iikawa,1 M. J. S. P. Brasil,1 T. Chiaramonte,1 M. A. Cotta,1 L. H. G. Tizei,1 D. Ugarte,1 and A. Cantarero2 1Instituto de Física “Gleb Wataghin,” UNICAMP, Campinas, SP, Brazil 2Instituto de Ciencia de los Materiales, Universidad de Valencia, Valencia, Spain 3Instituto(More)
The coefficient of thermal expansion ~CTE!, biaxial modulus, and stress of some amorphous semiconductors ~a-Si:H, a-C:H, a-Ge:H, and a-GeCx:H! and metallic ~Ag and Al! thin films were studied. The thermal expansion and the biaxial modulus were measured by the thermally induced bending technique. The stress of the metallic films, deposited by thermal(More)
This paper addresses the doping mechanism of amorphous semiconductors through the investigation of boron doped rf co-sputtered amorphous hydrogenated silicon. The activation energy and room temperature conductivity varied from 0.9 to 0.3 eV and from 10 12 to 10 4 Ohm .cm , respectively, by ranging the boron concentration from 0 to 3 at.%. These ranges of(More)
Objective To analyse the changes that occur in nursing education from the perspective of the Pro-Health programme and its impact on the professional practice of the graduate students of this programme. Methods This is a collective study conducted in southern Brazil. The cases were nursing courses contemplated with the Pro-Health programme. Interviews were(More)
We report the observation of light-induced electron spin resonance ~LESR! in amorphous hydrogenated germanium. Two new lines with zero crossings near g52.01 and g52.03 were detected and ascribed to electrons and holes in the conductionand valence-band-tail states, respectively. The ratio between the LESR spin densities of both lines is approximately one,(More)