Margarete Litzenberger

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This paper presents an embedded vision system for object tracking applications based on a 128times128 pixel CMOS temporal contrast vision sensor. This imager asynchronously responds to relative illumination intensity changes in the visual scene, exhibiting a usable dynamic range of 120 dB and a latency of under 100 mus. The information is encoded in the(More)
This work presents an embedded optical sensory system for traffic monitoring and vehicles speed estimation based on a neuromorphic "silicon-retina" image sensor, and the algorithm developed for processing the asynchronous output data delivered by this sensor. The main purpose of these efforts is to provide a flexible, compact, low-power and low-cost traffic(More)
In this paper a sensor system for traffic data acquisition is presented. The embedded system, comprising a motion-sensitive optical sensor and a low-cost, low-power DSP, is capable of detecting, counting and measuring the velocity of passing vehicles. The detection is based on monitoring of the optical sensor output within configurable regions of interest(More)
This paper presents a sensor system for traffic data acquisition capable of discriminating vehicles into two classes (cars and trucks). The system is based on a bio-inspired `silicon retina' optical sensor in a compact embedded system and has been exhaustively evaluated in a real world environment at a highway test site. We further present the(More)
This paper describes an embedded system for traffic flow analysis based on fused traffic information coming from two different sensors. This can be used as test bed for traffic monitoring. Data is acquired by two sensor systems, Embedded Traffic Data Sensor (TDS) and a CCTV camera. Video data acquired by the CCTV camera is transmitted to an embedded(More)
The question is to what extent intelligence test-batteries prove any kind of empirical reference to common intelligence theories. Of particular interest are conceptualized tests that are of a high psychometric standard – those that fit the Rasch model – and hence are not exposed to fundamental critique. As individualized testing, i.e., a psychologist and a(More)
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