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OBJECTIVE Complete prevention of diabetic neuropathies has not been previously demonstrated. We sought to determine whether long-term near-normoglycaemia maintained from the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes is associated with polyneuropathy and cardiac autonomic dysfunction. DESIGN Prospective observational study over 24 years. SETTING Ambulatory care. (More)
We studied nociception-associated arousal following laryngoscopy and intubation in patients scheduled for elective open heart surgery, using EEG power spectra and hemodynamics. Either fentanyl (7 micrograms/kg; n = 30) or sufentanil (1 microgram/kg; n = 30) were given in a randomized fashion to induce anesthesia in heavily premedicated patients, followed by(More)
Production of Lambda and Antilambda hyperons was measured in central Pb-Pb collisions at 40, 80, and 158A GeV beam energy on a fixed target. Transverse mass spectra and rapidity distributions are given for all three energies. The Lambda/pi ratio at midrapidity and in full phase space shows a pronounced maximum between the highest BNL Alternating Gradient(More)
Results are presented on event-by-event fluctuations in transverse momentum of charged particles, produced at forward rapidities in p+p, C+C, Si+Si and Pb+Pb collisions at 158 AGeV. Three different characteristics are discussed: the average transverse momentum of the event, the Φ p T fluctuation measure and two-particle transverse momentum correlations. In(More)
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