Margareta Wagner

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Modification of Restle's theory (1970) explains the moon illusion and related phenomena on the basis of three principles: (1) The apparent sizes of objects are their perceived visual angles. (2) The apparent size of the moon is determined by the ratio of the angular extent of the moon relative to the extents subtended by objects composing the surrounding(More)
Absorption and transmission spectra of broadband terahertz pulses are measured to probe the intersubband response of an optically excited quantum-well heterostructure. While the terahertz absorption shows the single peak of the resonant intersubband transition, the transmission spectra display strong Fano signatures due to the phase sensitive superposition(More)
In this work, the structure of the tetraphenylporphyrin (H2TPP) monolayer grown on the oxygen passivated Cu(110)-(2 × 1)O surface has been investigated with LT-STM and elucidated by DFT-calculations. The monolayer is commensurate with all molecules occupying the same adsorption site, but there are two molecules per unit cell. The STM images suggest(More)
Time and wavelength resolved spectroscopy requires optical sources emitting very short pulses and a fast detection mechanism capable of measuring the evolution of the output spectrum as a function of time. We use table-top Ti:sapphire lasers and a free-electron laser (FEL) emitting ps pulses as excitation sources and a streak camera coupled to a(More)
Metal deposition on oxide surfaces usually results in adatoms, clusters, or islands of the deposited material, where defects in the surface often act as nucleation centers. Here an alternate configuration is reported. After the vapor deposition of Fe on the In_{2}O_{3}(111) surface at room temperature, ordered adatoms are observed with scanning tunneling(More)
With the use of molecular manipulation in a cryogenic scanning tunneling microscope, the structure and rearrangement of sexiphenyl molecules at the buried interface of the organic film with the Cu(110) substrate surface have been revealed. It is shown that a reconstruction of the first monolayer of flat lying molecules occurs due to the van der Waals(More)
Metal oxides are abundant in nature and they are some of the most versatile materials for applications ranging from catalysis to novel electronics. The physical and chemical properties of metal oxides are dramatically influenced, and can be judiciously tailored, by defects. Small changes in stoichiometry introduce so-called intrinsic defects, e.g., atomic(More)
A main-chain, polydomain, smectic liquid crystalline elastomer (LCE) was prepared by reacting the LC epoxy monomer, diglycidyl ether of 4,4′-dihydroxy-R-methylstilbene, with the aliphatic diacid, sebacic acid. When deformed in uniaxial tension, a “polydomain-to-monodomain” transition took place leading to bulk, macroscopic orientation. With this process was(More)
We report on a study of the polarization transfer between transversely polarized incident electrons and the emitted x rays for electron-atom bremsstrahlung. By means of Compton polarimetry we performed for the first time an energy-differential measurement of the complete properties of bremsstrahlung emission related to linear polarization, i.e., the degree(More)
The most common explanations of the moon illusion assume that the moon is seen at a specific distance in the sky, which is perceived as a definite surface. A decrease in the apparent distance to the sky with increasing elevation presumably leads to a corresponding decrease in apparent size. In Experiment 1 observers (N = 24) gave magnitude estimates of the(More)