Margareta Troein

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BACKGROUND Making clinical decisions for psychiatric patients in general practice is a complicated issue. A marked variation in the prescribing rates for antidepressant drugs in general as well as between geographical regions has been reported. Also, GPs tend to underestimate and undertreat depressive disorders. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to(More)
BACKGROUND Primary care doctors see patients from diverse cultural backgrounds and communication plays an important role in diagnosis and treatment. Communication problems can arise when patient and doctor do not share the same cultural background. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine how consultations with immigrant patients are understood by(More)
BACKGROUND The ways that GPs treat depressed patients have been criticized in a number of studies. OBJECTIVE To explore factors that shape how GPs work with depressed patients. METHODS Seventeen GPs from the county of Orebro, Sweden participated in a qualitative semi-structured interview study. GPs' conceptions of factors shaping their way of working(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine how local sales levels of antidepressive agents (ADs) correlated with GPs' conceptions of depressive disorders and of factors that may influence their work with depressed patients. DESIGN A postal questionnaire survey to GPs requesting their conceptions of depression and their opinions of additional factors that may influence their(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore factors and circumstances contributing to prudent antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infections in primary care. DESIGN Two focus groups representing rural and urban areas. A semi-structured interview guide with open-ended questions and an editing analysis style was used. They were examined to identify meaning units that(More)
BACKGROUND Reflective writing enhances personal and professional development. It is essential for the teachers to be familiar with the students' perceptions to improve the students' learning. Our aim was to deepen the understanding of the medical students' perceptions of the studies and the coming profession. METHODS Our theoretical perspective is(More)
This study analyses printed educational material on cholesterol, food and health-related lifestyle changes used in primary care in southern Sweden. Two theoretically grounded perspectives are used: orientation of knowledge and rhetoric. According to the first one, the material contained many examples of abstract and detailed knowledge, such as tables of(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare participants and non-participants early in the process of an audit on treatment of respiratory tract infections (RTIs) and to analyse any effect of the actual self-registration on the prescription of antibiotics in both groups. DESIGN All 80 general practitioners (GPs) at 14 health centres were invited to audit their use of(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to describe the perception of hypercholesterolaemia among middle-aged, urban men who had recently received the diagnosis of moderate hypercholesterolaemia. METHOD Within a project screening for risk factors for coronary heart disease among 453 men, 63 were identified as moderately hypercholesterolaemic. Among these, 62 agreed to(More)
BACKGROUND The teenage years are the years when adolescents seek their identity, and part of this involves experimenting with tobacco. The use of tobacco as such, and norms among their friends, is more important to the adolescents than the norms of parents when it comes to using tobacco or not. The aim was to explore the significance of using snus for(More)