Margareta Larsson

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BACKGROUND Most of the available evidence on the effects of depression is based on in- and out-patient samples focusing on individuals suffering from major depression. The aims of this study were to examine cognitive functioning in population-based samples and to determine whether cognitive performance varies as a function of depression subgroup. METHOD(More)
In a previous study (Wilde et al. 1993), we developed a model of quality of care from a patient perspective using a grounded theory approach. The aim of the present study was to derive an instrument from this model. A questionnaire, Quality from Patients' Perspective (QPP), was developed which consisted of 56 items. Each item was evaluated in two ways by(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the influences of age, gender, cognitive abilities, and personality styles on odor identification. Participants (N = 532) aged 45-87 years from the Swedish Adoption/Twin Study of Aging were assessed with a Swedish version of the National Geographic Smell Survey. Both detection and identification of olfactory information(More)
The aim of the present study was to develop a theoretical understanding of quality of care from a patient perspective, using a grounded theory approach. Thirty-five interviews were conducted with a sample of 20 adult hospitalized patients (mean age: 60 years) in a clinic for infectious diseases. Data were analysed according to the constant comparative(More)
OBJECTIVE to investigate whether pregnant Swedish women used the Internet to retrieve pregnancy-related information, how they perceived the reliability of the information, and whether they discussed this information with their midwife during antenatal care visits. DESIGN AND SETTING a descriptive, cross-sectional design using waiting-room questionnaires(More)
BACKGROUND More than 30 000 legal abortions are performed every year in Sweden despite sexual education in schools, widespread youth-clinics and family planning services that are free of charge. The aim of this study was to investigate reasons for induced abortion, contraceptive habits and reasons for contraceptive failure among women presenting for induced(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate knowledge of human papillomavirus (HPV) and attitudes to HPV vaccination and condom use among Swedish first year upper secondary school students. METHODS Classroom questionnaire filled in by 608 students from a strategic sample of seven upper secondary schools in Sweden. RESULTS Only 13.5% (n = 82) of the students had heard(More)
OBJECTIVE to investigate whether and how Chinese pregnant women used the Internet to retrieve pregnancy-related information. DESIGN AND SETTING a descriptive, cross-sectional design using a waiting-room questionnaire was employed to obtain information from Chinese pregnant women attending the antenatal clinic of a general hospital in Guangzhou, mainland(More)
Emergency contraceptive pills are now available on a nonprescription basis in over 25 countries worldwide. In an effort to learn about women's experiences with this new means of emergency contraception (EC) service delivery, we conducted focus-group discussions with nonprescription EC users from France, Norway, Portugal and Sweden. Participants from these(More)
BACKGROUND Almost 40% of all induced abortions in Sweden are repeat abortions; little is known about the risk factors. OBJECTIVE To investigate differences between women who had a first-time abortion and those with repeat abortion, and to identify factors associated with repeat abortion. METHODS A questionnaire was answered by 798 abortion-seeking women(More)