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Stepping outside the stereotype. A pilot study of the motivations and experiences of males in the nursing profession.
Despite their historical significance to the UK's nursing profession, numbers of registered male nurses here have seldom exceeded 10% of the total. This is not an immutable principle, given thatExpand
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Women's experiences of non-traditional employment: is gender equality in this area a possibility?
Currently, skills shortages are prompting the UK government to introduce initiatives intended to break down notions of stereotyped employment and attract women to non-traditional, male-dominatedExpand
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Achieving Continuity of Care: Facilitators and Barriers in Community Mental Health Teams
BackgroundThe integration of mental health and social services for people diagnosed with severe mental illness (SMI) has been a key aspect of attempts to reform mental health services in the UK andExpand
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Defining continuity of care from the perspectives of mental health service users and professionals: an exploratory, comparative study
Continuity of care (COC) is central to the organization and delivery of mental health services. Traditional definitions have excluded service users, and this lack of involvement has been linked toExpand
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'The tender trap': gender, part-time nursing and the effects of 'family-friendly' policies on career advancement
With the Government promoting flexible and ‘family-friendly’ policies within the NHS, an increase in the number of part-time nurses is imminent, particularly in view of current pro-active recruitmentExpand
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Feminising the Masculine?: Women in Non-traditional Employment: Women in Non-traditional Employment
The major aim of this book is to clarify the position of women in non-traditional employment in Northern Ireland. Non-traditional employment is defined for the purposes of this study as any manualExpand
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Backwards into the Future
Experiences of Continuity of Care and Health and Social Outcomes : The ECHO Study Executive summary for the National Co-ordinating Centre for NHS Service Delivery and Organisation R & D ( NCCSDO )
The ECHO Group: Main Phase: Tom Burns, 2, Jocelyn Catty, 2, Sarah Clement, Kate Harvey, Frank Holloway, Sarah White, Tamara Anderson, Naomi Cowan, Gemma Ellis, Helen Eracleous, Connie Geyer, PascaleExpand
Nursing workforce. Skirting the issue.
A study of part-time nurses in three London trusts found that they were concentrated in lower grades and less likely to be involved in management than full-time nurses. While senior managers in theExpand