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The efficiency of 35 nitroaromatic and nitroheterocyclic compounds in radiosensitizing hypoxic Chinese Hamster cells in vitro was determined. The concentration C of the compound required to achieve an enhancement ratio of 1.6 was measured, and the redox and partition properties were quantified as the one-electron reduction potential at pH 7, E, and the(More)
Average intracellular concentrations of five radiosensitizers in hamster fibroblast-like V79-379A cells in vitro were measured by high performance liquid chromatography, varying the extracellular pH (pHe) and estimating the apparent intracellular pH from the distribution of 5,5-dimethyloxazolidine-2,4-dione. The intracellular: extracellular concentration(More)
The hypoxic cytotoxicities of misonidazole and pimonidazole (Ro 03-8799) towards the human tumor cell lines HT-1080 and LoVo have been compared with those seen with Chinese hamster V79-379A cells. Survival was assayed using two colorimetric assays, either a tetrazolium salt (MTT) or methylene blue, and by conventional colony scoring. The drugs were more(More)
Fifteen nitroaromatic and nitroheterocyclic compounds that can act as "radiosensitizers" were tested for their cytotoxicity toward hypoxic Chinese hamster V79 cells in vitro. The cytotoxicity increased markedly as the electron affinity, measured as a one-electron reduction potential, increased. Non-nitro-containing compounds of similar electron affinities(More)