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Artifactual literacies: every object tells a story
producers in developing countries who are feeling the effects of a global economy. The Slow Food movement reflects a desire for not only good food, but a concern for the effects of globalization,Expand
Teachers’ Instructional Adaptations: A Research Synthesis
Researchers recognize adaptive teaching as a component of effective instruction. Educators adjust their teaching according to the social, linguistic, cultural, and instructional needs of theirExpand
The development of teachers’ visions from preservice into their first years teaching: A longitudinal study
Abstract Contemplating and articulating one's vision is a reflective process that guides teachers' instruction and professional development. However, little research has explored how teachers developExpand
Young children’s identities becoming: Exploring agency in the creation of multimodal literacies
This cross-case qualitative study draws on poststructural notions of identity to explore the relationship between multimodal literacies of young children and their becoming identities. AlthoughExpand
Navigating the Rural Terrain: Educators' Visions to Promote Change.
Advocates of rural education emphasize the need to examine supports which may promote rural educators given the challenging contexts of which they face. Teacher visioning has been conceptualized as aExpand
Reshaping Literacy in a High Poverty Early Childhood Classroom: One Teacher's Action Research Project.
This research explores an action research project conducted by the first author focused on supporting her preschool students’ literacy and language development. Using observations, interviews,Expand
Action research as a reflective tool: a multiple case study of eight rural educators’ understandings of instructional practice
Given today’s educational context, educators are rarely viewed as knowledgeable decision makers, especially in rural contexts where there are few resources for professional development. However,Expand
A Multiple Case Study of Two Teachers' Instructional Adaptations.
Scholars contend that effective teachers adapt their instruction to meet the particular needs of each student. However, little research has studied the ways in which teachers adapt their instructionExpand
Examining Teacher Agency: Why Did Les Leave the Building?
Effective teachers have been described as possessing a vision for their teaching. However, the current high-stakes accountability climate has provided challenges for teachers attempting to alignExpand
A Longitudinal Study of Literacy Teacher Visioning: Traditional Program Graduates and Teach For America Corps Members
The current high-stakes educational context compels many schools and school systems to encourage teachers to use restrictive literacy teaching practices, which are unlikely to meet students’ diverseExpand