Margaret V Jackson

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Recently, a population of nerves has been described in the aganglionic mouse vas deferens, in which electrically evoked contractions were insensitive to high concentrations of the adrenergic neurone blocker, bretylium. In this paper, the pharmacology of this nerve-evoked contraction has been examined in more detail. Bretylium (20 microM) revealed, after 5 h(More)
The optimization for selectivity and central receptor occupancy for a series of spirocyclic azetidine-piperidine inverse agonists of the ghrelin receptor is described. Decreased mAChR muscarinic M2 binding was achieved by use of a chiral indane in place of a substituted benzylic group. Compounds with desirable balance of human in vitro clearance and ex vivo(More)
Several polar heteroaromatic acetic acids and their piperidine amides were synthesized and evaluated as ghrelin or type 1a growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R1a) inverse agonists. Efforts to improve pharmacokinetic and safety profile was achieved by modulating physicochemical properties and, more specifically, emphasizing increased polarity of our(More)
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