Margaret T. O'Hara

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Every community has children placed in the out-of-home care system. Despite a high prevalence of health, mental health, and developmental morbidity in children in care, most child welfare agencies have not provided adequate diagnostic and therapeutic services for these children. A comprehensive, multidisciplinary clinic for children in out-of-home care(More)
Children in foster care have a high prevalence of developmental delay. A program for developmental screening was designed to address the increased risk of developmental delay among children in foster care. Fifty-two children birth to 18 months were evaluated using the Denver Developmental Screening Test-II (DDST-II), Early Language Milestone Scale-2(More)
Given that many organizational tasks are accomplished by people working as virtual teams, it’s important to understand team members’ knowledge sharing behavior. This study attempts to explore social cognitive factors influencing knowledge sharing in the team-based context. Based on a survey of 183 participants of team projects, this study finds that team(More)
The Boeing Employee Credit Union (BECU) has been providing financial assistance to employees since 1935. By 1938, membership had grown to 850 members. During the 1990s, BECU grew from 150,000 members with 362,000 accounts to 260,000 members with 1,170,174 accounts. BECU is the largest financial cooperative in Washington State, and the third largest credit(More)
Connectivity in electronic environments provides many new opportunities as well as many new challenges for IS personnel as well as users of computer technology. Being able to share information, solve problems, develop plans, build relationships, and make decisions are all actions that can occur through the use of computer technology. In this panel, we(More)
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