Margaret T Anton

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Ownership of mobile phones is on the rise, a trend in uptake that transcends age, region, race, and ethnicity, as well as income. It is precisely the emerging ubiquity of mobile phones that has sparked enthusiasm regarding their capacity to increase the reach and impact of health care, including mental health care. Community-based clinicians charged with(More)
The 30-item version of the GHQ was administered to 102 adults with epilepsy, and four sets of variables (neurological, psychosocial, medication, demographic) were used to predict psychiatric distress. Psychopathology was found to be associated with increased perceived stigma, elevated number of stressful life events during the past year, poor adjustment to(More)
The spasmogenic activity of methylxanthines was evaluated in guinea-pig isolated trachea treated with indomethacin (2.8 microM) and cooled to 20 degrees C. The contraction elicited by caffeine or theophylline (10 mM) was reduced in the presence of ouabain (10 microM), amiloride (100 microM), staurosporine (1 microM), H-7 (50 microM), polymyxin B (500(More)
Early onset disruptive behavior disorders are overrepresented in low-income families; yet these families are less likely to engage in behavioral parent training (BPT) than other groups. This project aimed to develop and pilot test a technology-enhanced version of one evidence-based BPT program, Helping the Noncompliant Child (HNC). The aim was to increase(More)
Given the lasting effects on adolescent and adult health, childhood obesity is a major public health issue. The relatively slow progress toward the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity, however, has prompted leaders in both academic and practice sectors to advocate for what may be considered a radical intervention approach, to conceptualize extreme(More)
Histiocytosis X, a clinical entity which was not defined and classified exactly so far, is manifested by a varied range of clinical manifestations. In rare instances the affection of the orbit is the only and first symptom of the disease. The authors present an account of three children. In one isolated affection of the orbit with a non-inflammatory(More)