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The results of two experiments suggest that strong constraints on the ability to imagine rotations extend to the perception of rotations. Participants viewed stereographic perspective views of rotating squares, regular polyhedra, and a variety of polyhedral generalized cones, and attempted to indicate the orientation of the axis and planes of rotation in(More)
The aim of the study was to assess the pharmacokinetic properties and clinical effectiveness of L-dopa/carbidopa solution treatment in patients with parkinsonian motor fluctuations. No significant difference in maximal L-dopa concentration, time to peak L-dopa concentration and area under curve was found in single dose studies which compared equivalent(More)
Twenty patients with Parkinson's disease were studied during the early phase of L-dopa treatment to clarify the development and progression of Parkinsonian motor fluctuations. Two patients had developed symptomatic motor fluctuations of moderate severity and another 3 had mild fluctuations. Both the initial response to L-dopa and the amplitude of response(More)
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