Margaret Shapiro

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Mutual support is an interactional communication process. Taking an interactional approach to support requires group participants be viewed not only as targets and recipients but also as sources and providers of various types of support. An analysis was performed on the interactions of a group listserve and model of online interactional support. The aim was(More)
Occupational violence is of growing interest to both individuals and organisations in the health field. Not surprisingly, staff who work directly on the front line are more vulnerable to episodes of physical violence from the general public. However, violence manifests in a number of ways, and any person in the workplace can experience it at anytime.(More)
This article addresses the therapeutic importance of discussing money at every stage of a couple's relationship, both as a concrete reality and as a metaphor for security, adequacy, competence, commitment, acceptance, and acknowledgment in a relationship. I will present a developmental schema looking at financial issues that couples confront at various(More)
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