Margaret Shandor Miles

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OBJECTIVES Physical symptoms are common in otherwise healthy adolescents. This study sought to identify meaningful patterns of multiple physical symptoms and to examine relationships between the patterns and psychosocial factors. One-year stability of symptom patterns and factors contributing to stability were also examined. METHODS This secondary data(More)
The interactions between mothers and premature infants during feeding and nonfeeding periods were explored. Twenty-nine premature infants and their mothers were observed interacting for 1 hour in their homes at 6 months corrected for prematurity. Mothers were more likely to engage in the following behaviors involving close contact during feeding: looking at(More)
Researchers have identified complex needs of custodial grandparent families and lack of access to needed resources such as housing, financial and legal assistance, and health care. Case management links these families with needed services while helping them develop skills to promote their health and well-being. This paper describes a case management program(More)
Objective. To explore the effects of secondhand smoke exposure on growth, health-related illness, and child development in rural African American premature infants through 24 months corrected age. Method. 171 premature infants (72 boys, 99 girls) of African American mothers with a mean birthweight of 1114 grams. Mothers reported on household smoking and(More)
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