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We compared the effects of single dose (750 milligrams) prophylactic cefamandole delivered directly into the operative wound with local anesthesia (n = 162) with a control group (no antibiotics) (n = 162) in a randomized trial. No adverse effects were observed. There were seven wound abscesses in the untreated group compared with none in the group receiving(More)
Nifedipine tablet in a 20 mg dose was administered orally to 44 patients with arterial hypertension. Nifedipine pharmacokinetics showed wide interindividual variation, for instance maximal concentration varied from 10-90 ng/ml, elimination half-life from 2-9 hours, etc. Cluster analysis classified all variants of nifedipine concentration profiles into 3(More)
The pharmacokinetics of nifedipine was studied in 44 patients with disorders of cerebral circulation. A significant variability of the pharmacokinetic parameters in different patients was revealed. According to the results of the cluster-analysis, the main types (classes) of nifedipine pharmacokinetics were established and the possibility of regarding the(More)
A controlled randomized trial was carried out in 324 patients with inguinal hernia. Efficacy was evaluated of a single injection of cefamandole (n = 162) administered at operative site during local anesthesia, using an untreated group as control (n = 162), as prophylaxis against post-operative local infection. Seven patients in the control group developed(More)
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