Margaret S. Yoon

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During the formation of brain nuclei, the vertebrate neural tube is partitioned into distinct embryonic divisions. In this study, the expression of three members of the cadherin family of adhesion molecules (cadherin-6B, cadherin-7, and R-cadherin) was mapped to study the differentiation of gray matter in the divisions of the diencephalic alar plate of(More)
DNA polymerase beta (pol beta) is a 39-kDa protein that functions in DNA repair processes in mammalian cells. As a first step toward understanding mechanisms of polymerase fidelity, we developed a genetic method to identify mammalian pol beta mutator mutants. This screen takes advantage of a microbial genetics assay and the ability of rat pol beta to(More)
We used quantitative complementation assays to characterize individual DNA polymeraseβ (Polβ) mutants for their ability to function in DNA replication and DNA repair. We also describe a screen for detecting imitator activity of DNA polymeraseβ mutants. By using these bioassays, together with DNA polymerase activity gels, we characterized 15 new DNA(More)
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