Margaret S. Geroch

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We are all aware of the increasingly realistic computer-generated human motion that abounds in movies, advertisements and especially games at present. This natural-looking appearance in many cases is attributed, as it has been for years, to the fine skills of professional animators in the Disney tradition. But more and more these realistic motions also(More)
The application of motion capture in the movie industry has continued to increase in the last couple of years, ranging from background action to major characters. Using motion capture in a production pipeline requires both motion capture and animation experience. An animator needs an understanding of biomechanics and how the body moves both for planning(More)
A prototype syntax-directed editor for Pascal programming has been bui l t under a grant from Digital Equipment Corporation at West Virginia University. The editor is designed for use by the beginning programming student. A main principle of the project was that the commands be easy to use, and that their ef f ic ient use would not require understanding of(More)
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