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for teaching me that love is the most important ingredient in any recipe My Great Aunt Evie, Evelyn Nicholson, for teaching me that you don't have to be related to be family My Grandfather, Otho Clarence Huffman, for teaching me that familiarity breeds content My best friend, Kelly Ann Noss Marcum, for teaching me to listen with the heart My husband,(More)
System safety research has a weakness in terms of evaluation. In particular, the field has a poor track record for applying appropriate research methods to the questions we wish to answer, and for evaluating the answers in a convincing way. Given changes in government and public attitudes to research funding, this will be an increasing concern in the near(More)
OBJECTIVE Early detection of patient deterioration and prevention of adverse events are key challenges to patient safety. This study investigated clinical staff perceptions of current monitoring practices and the planned introduction of continuous monitoring devices on general wards. DESIGN Multi-method study comprising structured surveys, in-depth(More)
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