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Recently there has been a surge of interest in making computer science education attractive to potential students, motivating to current students, and relevant to graduating students. We are exploring a new pedagogical approach called studio-based learning as a means to reinvigorate computer science education. Adapted from architectural education, this(More)
This paper presents an experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating a studio-based learning model for CS2. Adapted from architecture and art education, as well as from collaborative problem-solving pedagogies, studio-based learning has shown great promise for computing education. Key elements of studio-based learning include exploring multiple(More)
Object-oriented frameworks have extended reusability of software from code modules to architectural and domain information. This paper further extends software reusability from code and architecture to built-in tests (BITs) in object-oriented framework development. Methods for embedding BITs at object and object-oriented framework levels are addressed.(More)
A survey has been designed to seek the practical foundation of base process activities (BPAs) in the software industry and to support research in modelling the software engineering processes. A superset of BPAs [l] compatible with the current software process models, such as SPICE (IS0 15504) CMM, IS0 9000 and BOOTSTRAP [2-31, were identified for(More)