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While traffic signals are necessary to safely control competing flows of traffic, they inevitably enforce a stop-and-go movement pattern that increases fuel consumption, reduces traffic flow and causes traffic jams. These side effects can be alleviated by providing drivers and their onboard computational devices (e.g., vehicle computer, smartphone) with(More)
This article describes a demonstration project carried out by a special team at a mental health agency serving adults with a serious psychiatric condition. The project consisted of combining the evidence-based practices of cognitive therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change with Social Role Theory and the Chronic Care Model that were the(More)
Technologies that enable the targeted manipulation of the genome have created new opportunities to study the role and interplay of specific genes in both the regulation and function of physiological and behavioural processes and in the development of pathological conditions. Despite the potential benefits, there are ethical issues in relation to the(More)
Although there is a long-established tradition of concern for the welfare of animals, it was not until the mid 1800's that governments sought to enact legislation to protect animals from cruelty. In the 1950's, questions concerning animal welfare re-emerged and in the ensuing years have been an on-going focus of government activities. These developments(More)
Technologies which permit targeted manipulation of genetic material not only provide new opportunities to explore the organization, regulation and biological or pathological function of molecular processes but, in so doing, have revolutionised the development and validation of animal models. In a very short time, we have seen rapid escalation in the(More)
With the earlier accounts, a reader might perhaps question the feasibility of using mortality rates from partly theological narratives intended to illustrate the divine punishment of the Guanches for their sins of infanticide and killing Christian soldiers while resisting invasion, but Crosby is in general conservative when it comes to estimating mortality(More)
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