Margaret Robb

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A disturbingly high prevalence of single or bilateral lower extremity amputations in our program prompted us to conduct a study to identify the prevalence of risk factors that predispose patients on hemodialysis (HD) to foot problems. The study consisted of a one-time assessment of subjects' risk for and actual prevalence of amputation. The sample consisted(More)
We investigated whether hospital-based specialist asthma nurses improved recognition and self-treatment of asthma episodes by patients followed up after attending accident and emergency departments (A&E) for asthma exacerbations. We carried out a randomized prospective controlled trial of adult asthma self-management, following a hospital outpatient nurse(More)
To determine the fraction of all hypertensives who can be successfully withdrawn from antihypertensive medication, a study was conducted of a patient group originally drawn from a screened population of union members. Of 157 patients, 88 (56.1%) met preestablished blood pressure criteria for drug interruption, and 66 (75%) actually had medication withdrawn.(More)
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