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OBJECTIVES We examined the relationship between receipt of medical care for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and HIV transmission risk behavior among persons who had received a recent diagnosis of HIV infection. METHODS We enrolled 316 participants from 4 US cities and prospectively followed up participants for 1 year. Generalized estimating(More)
OBJECTIVE Earlier studies by this research team found that medically underserved minority women in the Miami-Dade County area of the state of Florida, United States, were in need of breast cancer screening and that there were problems with availability, accessibility, and acceptability of services. In response, a community-based comprehensive breast cancer(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated physicians' delivery of HIV prevention counseling to newly diagnosed and established HIV-positive patients. METHODS A questionnaire was developed and mailed to 417 HIV physicians in 4 US cities. RESULTS Overall, rates of counseling on the part of physicians were low. Physicians reported counseling newly diagnosed patients more(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate factors associated with receiving prenatal care among women who present in labor without human immunodeficiency virus documentation using the results of a previous study, Mother-Infant Rapid Intervention at Delivery. DESIGN Prospective, multicenter study. SETTING Eighteen hospitals in the United States. PARTICIPANTS The present(More)
Increasing rates of HIV testing within substance use disorder (SUD) treatment clients is an important public health strategy for reducing HIV transmission rates. The present study examined uptake of HIV testing among 1,224 clients in five SUD treatment units that offered on-site testing in Florida, New York, and California. Nearly one-third (30 %) of the(More)
CONTEXT Immunization rates in the inner city remain lower than in the general US population, but efforts to raise immunization levels in inner-city areas have been largely untested. OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of case management in raising immunization levels among infants of inner-city, African American families. DESIGN Randomized controlled(More)
OBJECTIVES To understand the role of parental immigration status on Medicaid enrollment and access to health services for young Latino children. DESIGN A cross-sectional household survey of the parents of inner-city Latino children. SETTING South Central and East Los Angeles, Calif, 1992. POPULATION Children 12 to 36 months old and their parents from(More)
PURPOSE The value of mammography for asymptomatic women younger than 50 years of age has been under debate, and it had been suggested that each woman should decide for herself whether to start having mammograms in her 40s. This decision-making process requires women to have knowledge of screening guidelines. This study reported key determining informational(More)
Substance abuse and welfare reform are among the nation's highest priorities, and research that examines linkages between the two is of extreme importance to both government policy and the community. Welfare reform will have serious implications for substance abusers as well as for the various professionals who treat them and work to move their clients into(More)
We abstracted 752 randomly selected records of 2-year-old children at 5 public health centers in Los Angeles. Only 27% of the children were up-to-date in their vaccinations by 2 years of age. Being up-to-date was strongly associated with the number of missed opportunities to vaccinate and number of well child visits. Missed opportunities to vaccinate(More)