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Good Angels, Gratitude, and Growing in Communion
If a person were to approach Paradise Lost using the metaphor of God as king, she might reasonably suppose that Milton has included most of the good angels for comic relief. A king expects obedienceExpand
God as Father in Paradise Lost
Milton works in the tradition of a Scripture that he believes his poem extends. He takes seriously the way that he represents the God whom he worships and whom he wishes to justify to other humans.Expand
Introduction Teaching Paradise Lost in the Twenty-First Century
This book places moral education in Paradise Lost in the context of Milton’s educational method, Puritan educational practice more generally, and my own experience as an educator and a parent. I haveExpand
Eve, Identity, and Growing in Relationship
In Paradise Lost, individuals exist in a temporary hierarchy of relationship in which each person—angel or human—is responsible for nurturing and educating another, who is less fully developed, lessExpand
Satan, Interpretive Choices, and the Danger of Fixed Stories
Having chosen to create free beings, Milton’s God exposes himself to the risk of rejection. In Satan, he meets any parent’s worst nightmare. As Nell Noddings explains, a person choosing to enter aExpand