Margaret Muirhead

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BACKGROUND Although high rates of gestational diabetes mellitus have been documented in native populations, few studies have examined rates of the disease among native Indians in Canada. The authors conducted a study to estimate the prevalence of gestational diabetes among Swampy Cree women, to identify factors predictive of the occurrence of gestational(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the rate and causes of preterm (before 37 weeks gestation) and very preterm (before 32 weeks gestation) delivery among a population of Inuit living in Canada. STUDY DESIGN Three-year retrospective cross-sectional review of charts for patients delivering in the Baffin Region of Canada. RESULTS There were 938 births over the study(More)
1. The adaptation responsible for a four-fold increase in the magnitude of the calorigenic response to catecholamines has been studied in the cold-acclimated rat which serves as a model in which the magnitude of the response can be varied by varying the acclimation temperature. 2. It is not possible to attribute the enhanced calorigenic response to(More)
In a genetically hypertension-prone (S) strain of rats it was observed previously that males generally developed hypertension more rapidly on a high salt diet than did females although final pressure ultimately were similar in both sexes. A genetic study had shown that there was no sex-linkage involved in setting blood pressure levels, so it was thought(More)
BACKGROUND The combined use of cisplatin and carboplatin chemotherapy offers a unique means of platinum dose intensification. Response rates using either of these agents in combination with etoposide are comparable. In a Phase II trial, the authors investigated the combination of cisplatin and carboplatin with etoposide for the treatment of patients with(More)
Medullipin I (Med I) is a vasodepressor prohormone which is continuously elaborated into the renal venous effluent (RVE) of isolated rat kidneys perfused under high pressure. We have improved the yield of Med I by substituting saline for the albumin perfusate previously reported; and considerably improved refinement by directly fractionating the crude lipid(More)
1. A radioactive binding assay for Thy-1.1 alloantigen which functions in the presence of detergents was established by using glutaraldehyde-fixed thymocytes as target cells. Thy-1.1 activity in detergent extracts was then assayed by measuring inhibition of the binding assay. 2. Solubilization of Thy-1.1 from whole thymocytes, and their membranes by a large(More)
Clone 3 is a mouse pre-B cell line that cannot grow in standard tissue culture media but is immortalized by coculture with a bone marrow-derived feeder layer. In addition, clone 3 cells can be passaged indefinitely in recombinant interleukin-7 (IL-7) in the absence of a feeder layer if maintained at high cell density. Using monoclonal antibody to IL-7 and(More)