Margaret Moreau

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We wished to determine the specificity of smooth-pursuit eye tracking dysfunction to schizophrenia and the prevalences of dysfunction among functionally psychotic and normal individuals. Therefore, we investigated pursuit tracking in a large sample of psychotic patients, normal subjects, and first-degree relatives (N = 482). Patients were recruited as part(More)
To determine whether abnormalities in brain morphology are present at the onset of illness, patients with schizophrenia, schizophreniform and bipolar disorders, and major depression who were experiencing their first episodes of psychosis were compared with normal and medical control subjects. The schizophrenic patients had larger third ventricles but not(More)
The literature indicates that whether or not schizophrenic patients are reported to have significant lateral ventricular enlargement depends on control, and not schizophrenic-group values. This discrepancy does not result from differences in age, the ratio of males to females, the number of control subjects used in each study, or whether control groups are(More)
The present study describes the development and initial validation of a behavioral rating scale, the Riverview Psychiatric Inventory (RPI). The RPI is a 36-item scale that is scored into four subscales covering daily routine problems, psychological symptoms, social interaction problems, and aggressive behavior. Interrater reliability using 70 pairs of(More)
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